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Got Money To Burn?
How much does training cost your company? How effective are your training methods? Are you getting the best return on your investment? If your training program includes reading and/or interacting with an instructor, you're probably throwing money away. Studies have shown that trainees remember only 20% of what they see (read), and 40% of what they see and hear (viewing video, instructor-based training). If your employees remember less than half of the material you provide them, how long does it take for them to gain a level of competence high enough to be productive? There must be a better answer. There is.
But first, within your company you want the staff to be as effective as possible. There are so many things that can be done to make your work life easier, using O2 UK Mobile Broadband online, getting the latest software and of course training your staff. But if the training isn't great, where does this leave you?
Gain An Unfair Competitive Edge With Interactive Multimedia Training
You can double or triple the effectiveness of your training communications with INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA TRAINING. The same studies that quote woefully inadequate statistics for text-based or instructor-led training methods also stress that trainees retain 70% of what they see, hear AND DO. Interactive Multimedia Training capitalizes on the visual, oral, and task-oriented facets of instruction, resulting in a much higher than average retention rate. Video, animation, audio, graphics and text combine to recreate the actual work environment, covering tasks as basic as how to open a cash register, or as complex as landing an F15 on an aircraft carrier.
Sounds Expensive...
but it's not. Whatever your training budget, you can have more effective training programs designed for you at about the same cost as your current methods. (Already you're saving money!) Additionally, Interactive Multimedia Training has been shown to reduce training time by 20-80%, with 40-60% being the mean. Less training time and a higher retention level equal a solid investment in your present and your future, with an almost immediate return.
Where Do I Sign?
Digital Enterprises is a proven leader in the multimedia field, developing Multimedia Training for many large and small companies and institutions.
What kind of media? What kind of presentation? How do we get it all together?
Maybe you envision linking multi-format computer workstations, or training new cashiers directly on the registers that they will use. Or maybe you're a little nervous about all this high-tech stuff and would prefer to merge conventional training with an interactive testing program. Digital Enterprises can set up the system that combines the best of instructor-led and computer-based training to meet your company's needs.
You Call The Shots
Whatever your needs, we can develop a training program that will take advantage of your current equipment, or help you integrate new systems. Presentation technologies can include not only any format of personal computer, but TV, CD-I, Video CD or DVD. Media can be created using text, graphics, animations, video and audio, then distributed via paper, overheads, slides, videotape, CD-I, Video CD, CD-ROM, DVD, networked systems and the Internet. Tell us your needs, then let our production team go to work for you.

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Your production will be created based on:
  • Analysis of alternative media distribution and presentation technologies.
  • Analysis of appropriate authoring packages
  • Definition of hardware and software specifications.
  • Developing learning objectives.
  • Creating a learning design and approach.
  • Creating a learning flowchart and script.

These steps familiarize your company and our instructional designers with your needs. Then, the substance of your training program will be defined and submitted for your approval and a final cost estimate will be provided.

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The developmental phase of your production will:
  • Create presentation graphics, screens, animations, audio and video as necessary.
  • Author the interactive multimedia design.
  • Create review modules, if requested.
  • Create testing, reporting and tracking modules, if requested.
  • Create management reports on training and testing progress.
  • Install the training package and train administrator(s).

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Don't Wait To Act

Don't you have better things to do with your money than waste it on ineffective training methods? Your company can become more productive immediately. Call or e-mail. You gain an unfair competitive edge the moment you do.

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