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Professional Survey Services
Using Web Technology

Digital Enterprises pioneered the web based survey business way back in the infancy of the web: 1996 by conducting sales force surveys for Hewlett-Packard and employee satisfaction surveys for Oracle. Digital Enterprises' techniques and technologies, for example, increased Oracle's response rates from 30% using paper surveys to 86%. Our survey customers have also included the IRS, Boeing, Kaiser, Applied Materials, Cisco, DBM and others.

Professionally designed and produced surveys collect more responses from a broader range range of respondents, and therefore proves to be more effective. Digital Enterprises is a leader in the creation and distribution of professional web based surveys. As a professional survey design and administration company Digital Enterprises can deliver your survey over an Intranet or over the Internet to create paperless surveys using the latest Web technology. Digital Enterprises has even married telephone interviews with web-based data collection and command and control systems for management. Our surveys are viewable in any browser.

Here's a partial list of common areas where our surveys can be used:

  • Training Program Effectiveness
  • Customer Satisfaction Monitoring
  • Marketplace Needs Evaluation
  • Competitive Position Analysis
  • IT / MIS System User Needs
  • New Product Feature Determination
  • Employee Attitudes
  • Test Scoring
  • Readership Surveys
  • Thesis
  • Voter Opinion Polling
  • Population Demographic Studies
  • Clinical Trials
Whether you're planning next years budget or just need to know what your customers think, a survey is the best way to get the information. So, if you'd like to set up a process for reporting, which allows you to present professionally developed surveys, then here's a partial list of what we can provide:
  • Survey instrument design and creation
  • Web survey form creation
  • Database creation
  • On-going management during survey period
  • Online, immediate survey results reporting
  • Graphing of results
  • Result analysis and recommendations


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