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Have you ever wanted to deliver video and or audio over the Internet/Intranet/Extranet or network to your computer or TV? Recent advances in user interface technology, networking, and video servers now make it possible. This is all possible with help from a systems integrator who is familiar with digital video, encoding, server technology, user interface design, and systems development. That integrator is Digital Enterprises.

The Media Server

Digital Enterprises features advanced media servers and software with database support. Integration with slides and timing is also possible.

This system provides cost-effective video, audio, and other multimedia stream capability for use in both business and consumer environments. They deliver streams at a constant bit rate, support a few to hundreds of simultaneous video streams, and provide for built-in recovery from single disk failures.

Software allows for retailing and purchasing across the Internet or an intranet and included digital rights management. This software allows for quick, easy, convenient, and low cost 24-hour storefront, enabling customers to buy what they want when they want it.

The Network

Systems can be desgined for ethernet, fast ethernet, ATM, intranet, or Internet delivery depending upon your needs and budget.


Encoding can be provided on a service bureau basis or Digital Enterprises can install and train an encoding specialist at your location.

The User Interface

Custom interfaces can also developed based on your needs.

The Process

Your system design will be based on:

    1. Analysis of your needs for media creation, encoding, server requirements, client capabilities, and user interface design.
    2. Definition of hardware and software specifications.
    3. Customized system design.

The developmental phase of your system will then:

    1. Create and test user interface.
    2. Encode video assets.
    3. Install and test system.
    4. Train administraton personnel.

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