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With an Internet Audio PresentationTM (IAP) from Digital Enterprises!

      The Road Show - traveling from place-to-place - rolling out new products and services- training employees- and promoting public relations and goodwill- is a vital, and very expensive ingredient to any organization with a diverse customer and employee base.
      The essence of the road show is the slides, the speaker's voice and speaker/audience interaction.
      Technology is no substitute for face-to-face interaction. But it can help.
      The Internet is an excellent way to complement your organization's presentations.
      You'll deliver information faster, to a wider audience, and with guaranteed better retention than a conventional stand-up slide presentation with an Internet Audio Presentation (IAP) from Digital Enterprises.
      You will know who saw your Internet Audio Presentation and what they remembered.


The IAP: A Global Solution for Large and Small Companies

A Few Of The Ways An IAP Can Accentuate The Way
Your Organization Delivers Information

What Digital Enterprises will do

What You Get With an IAP From Digital Enterprises

Get An Unfair Competitive Advantage

The IAP: A Global Solution for Large and Small Companies

A new technology developed by Digital Enterprises, an IAP is a narrated, Internet-based slide presentation. Reasonable in price, fast to market and easy to use, an IAP can be prepared and delivered to your audience quickly.

An IAP allows your customers, distributors, and remote employees to access the presentation when they need to. Your audience sees the slides, and, more importantly, hears a narrator elaborating on the points presented. Your company accomplishes this without the added and unnecessary labor and expense of slide duplication, binder stuffing, travel, meals and lodging, and the frustration of getting everybody who needs to hear you together in one room at the same time.

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A Few Of The Ways An IAP Can Accentuate The Way

Your Organization Delivers Information Are Listed Below:

Product Rollouts

    Notify customers, employees, and trainers on upgrades, new products, marketing and technical specifications and sales updates.

Employee Communications

    Bring your newsletters to life and reduce your printing costs.

Human Resources

    Attract new employees and inform your co-workers of HR developments.


    Enhance and promote your Web site, motion picture, radio and TV station, business, restaurant with celebrity narration, and e-mail.

Public Relations

    Reach the press with an IAP press release that goes beyond print to get your message delivered. Electronic media outlets can download slides and audio to enhance stories about your company.

Advertising & Marketing

    Turn your Web site into an interactive electronic billboard. Promote new products with celebrity audio endorsements.

Political Campaigns

    Reach voters and influence makers and punctuate your candidate's stand on issues with an IAP.

What Digital Enterprises will do:

  • Convert and enhance your existing slides or create new ones for Internet delivery
  • Write the narration
  • Record, enhance and edit the narration
  • Author slides with audio
  • Turnaround: virtually immediately

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What You Get With an IAP From Digital Enterprises:

  • Reach large numbers of people at a reduced cost
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • The most advanced distribution of content
  • 50% reduction in overall training time
  • Increased retention
  • Reduction in travel for participants and presenters
  • Improved productivity
  • Tracking and Testing ensures accountability

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Get An Unfair Competitive Advantage

The best way to ensure that you do is to choose a company that specializes in new media technology backed with years of business experience. Digital Enterprises' professional staff bring their vast experience in sales, marketing, engineering, mass communications, advertising, and education to design communications solutions for businesses large and small.

And this gives your company an unfair competitive advantage.

Click below, to see and hear an IAP for yourself:

For a demonstartion , Click here and select "Digital Enterprises Capabilities Demo" for a 300K version.

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