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    Digital Enterprises Overview
    Digital Enterprises helps its customers communicate more effectively with new technology by providing the latest and best new media products, services and content.
    Internet Audio Presentations
    A global solution for Large and Small Companies an IAP is a narrated, Internet-based slide presentation. Reasonable in price, fast to market and easy to use, an IAP can be prepared and delivered to your audience quickly. An IAP allows your customers, distributors, and remote employees to access the presentation when they need to. Your audience sees the slides, and, more important, hears a narrator elaborating on the points presented. Your company accomplishes this without the added and unnecessary labor and expense of slide duplication, binder stuffing, travel, meals and lodging, and the frustration of getting everybody who needs to hear you together in one room at the same time.
    Web and Computer-Based Training
    Organizations are saving time and money by putting some or all of their training materials on CD-ROM and the Internet. When used correctly, WBT/CBT will have your employees out of the classroom and in the marketplace faster. Digital Enterprises is an industry leader in developing WBT?CBT applications, for companies like, Unisys, Ross Stores, HP, Agilent Cisco and others.
    Digital Video Consulting
    Video Production has gone through radical change with the advent of digital video technology. With the PC replacing the costly editing suite, digital technology is making it possible for organizations to use video far more effectively. Digital Enterprises' employees have a wide range of video experience -- from CNN to the leading corporate producers -- and use that experience to analyze and advise you on the best applications of digital video in the workplace, or across the Internet.
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    Internet Marketing
    Digital Enterprises will design and implement an Internet marketing plan that tells your customers and vendors that you are up and running and ready for business on the Internet. Using resources available on the Internet, and from years of experience in advertising, public relations and marketing communications, Digital Enterprises ensures that your web site reaches the people you need to to have a business relationship.
Meeting Broadcasting Service
We can record your presentation, including video of the speaker, PowerPoint Presentation and stream it live overt the web or archive it for future access.
Public Relations
Digital Enterprises will provide public relations programs and services that meet a targeted need.
    VAR Consulting
    As a manufacturer, distributor, VAR or dealer, you're faced with lots of customers choosing from lots of products. How do you get those products to market? How do you structure your distribution program to determine the ulitimate success of your product in in the marketplace? Digital Enterprises has experienced the best and the worst of the manufacturer/distributor scenarios. Based on its success in resolving these issues, Digital Enterprises grown into a leading developer of computer-based reseller training for many of these companies.
    Digital Media Consulting
    Have you ever wanted to deliver video over a network to your computer or TV? Recent advances in user interface technology, networking, and video servers now make it possible. Deliver video over a local area network, a wide area network, an intranet, and the Internet. This is all possible with help from a systems integrator who is familiar with digital video, encoding, server technology, user interface design, and systems development.
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    Video Production
    As a full-service communications company Digital Enterprises can help you with your video production needs. Digital Enterprises will see your production through all phases -- from conception to completion -- and beyond, to duplication, distribution and tracking. Or, we'll work with you on any part of the project where you need our help. As pioneers in the field of digital video, we can deliver your video message, regardless of budget, using the most cost-effective video technology and the people who know how to make it work.
    Original Music and Vocal Production
    Original Music Composition and Vocals by Debmusic... Presented by Digital Enterprises, Inc.
    Web Services
    Digital Enterprises designs, develops, manages, maintains, and markets Internet Web sites. As an advanced systems integrator, Digital Enterprises advanced services include publishing, merchant services, secure credit card transactions and many others.

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