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Founded in 1996, Digital Enterprises and Communications (DEC) is Northern California's leading provider of management, marketing, sales and business development consulting.

Helping our clients boost productivity and reduce costs today using tomorrow's technology.

Its clients have included such companies as Oracle, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, Ross Stores, Agilent, Seagate, Cisco, Applied Materials, Kaiser, Lexar Media, Computer Chronicles, Unisys, Boeing and others.

Digital Enterprises principal is David Fradin. See http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidfradin

About David Fradin

Fields of Expertise


Strategic Marketing

  • Corporate and Product Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Distribution
  • Competitive Research

Product Management

Product Marketing

Marketing Communications

Lead Generation

Advertising: Print, Radio, TV, On-line

Video Production

Voice Overs


Business Development

Human Resources

Employee Retention


Skill Sets


Energy Experience

  • Co-Author of Engineering Foundation Book on "Barriers to Technological Innovation"
  • Contributor to Project Independence with focus on Alternative Energy sources
  • Testimony on Alternative Energy before the US House of Representatives and US Senate
  • Founder and Organizer of national Energy Youth Council to advise President and Congress on energy
  • Member American Association of Science Youth Council and US Chamber of Commerce Committee on the Environment
  • Designer of ?Total Resource Projects? an integrated co-location system to recycle energy and pollutants. Two designs. One for agriculture. One for electronics manufacturing.
  • Consultant on bio-conversion of human waste to methanol for gasoline replacement
  • Senior Energy advisor to Minnesota Governor Al Quie and finalist for state Director of Energy
  • Founder and president of the CH Solar company to finance and install solar electric in California and Hawaii

Senior Product Manager responsible for over 70 products representing $250 M in sales

Video Experience

  • Wrote primary and secondary market research study on US Desktop Video Markets published by Frost and Sullivan
  • Product manager for 1st US desktop video editing system and software non-linear editing system which was the precursor to Adobe Premiere and Apple's Final Cut
  • Founded, owned and operated Avid's largest dealer
  • Trained half of Northern California post-production studios on non-linear editing and workflow

User Interface (UI) Experience

  • Wrote Hewlett-Packard's unified User Interface specification
  • Assisted Sears.com and Kmart.com on their eCommerce User Interface

Travel Industry Experience

  • Direct marketing of vacation condo rentals in Maui including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Adwords campaigns resulting in www.mauimanakai.com ranking in top three across Google, Bing and Yahoo

Product Requirements Experience

  • Wrote numerous MRD's and PRD's for web based and other products

Office Systems Experience

  • Product manager in Hewlett-Packard's Offices Systems Group responsible for executive report writer, word processing, graphics, spreadsheets, decision making and email
  • Lead Apple group that brought Three Easy Pieces to market the predecessor to Microsoft and Apple Works

Mass Storage Experience

  • Apple Computer's Mass Storage Planning Manager
  • Consultant on market targets for Solid State Drives

Public Relations Experience

  • Managed Public Relations and Media Relations for:
    • Environmental Balance Association of Minnesota
    • John Connally Presidential Campaign: Political and Public Opinion
    • Hewlett-Packard: Corporate and Community; Crisis Planning and Management
    • Apple /// product line: Product and Services
    • Dataquest Personal Computer Industry Service
    • Lexar Media
  • Public Relations Plans
  • Promotional Planning
  • Event Planning
  • Interview coaching for print, TV, radio and internet
  • Opinion Surveys: Customer

Advertising Experience

  • Copy writing for print, radio, TV and On-line ads
  • Professional voice over artist

Distribution and Channels Experience

  • Managed 1800 Apple dealers, 17 manufacturing rep firms and 6 distributors
  • Consulted with numerous companies on setting up their distribution channels

Product Management Experience

David Fradin has provided product management and product marketing services for over 70 hardware, software, video, internet, mobile and systems products and services representing over $250 Million in revenues. Click here to see the complete list.

Mission Statement:

"To help our customers communicate more effectively with new media technology products, services and content."

Click here to learn more.

Interactive Multimedia Production Services for...

  • Web-Based Training
  • Web Based Presentations
  • Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Product Management
  • On-Line Advertising


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